The beard grooming ABC – 3 ways to grow your beard faster.

Do you plan on having a beard but often give up during the first couple of weeks because the beard feels unclean or you can’t stand the itching brought on by the beard?
Doesn’t the beard seem to settle? Check out this quick shaving guide to find solutions to all common beard problems.

A) Visit your barber to clean the lines of your beard. It’s a good idea to take this routine right from the start. The beard looks cool and highlights your best features when it is well defined.

B) Wash your beard with a shampoo designed for beard. The beard is much thicker and coarser than hair in nature, so it needs a cleaning agent that is as caring as possible. Ordinary shampoo or soap will wash the natural oils the beard needs, making the beard fluffy and difficult to control. For example, try the M Room -Beard Wash for daily washing.

C) Moisturize, Moisturize Moisturize! The beard and skin under the beard dry easily, especially during the winter. After washing, apply a few drops of beard oil to the beard and especially to the skin under the beard. This reduces itching during the growing phase and prevents the skin from exfoliating caused by dryness. As soon as the beard begins to get a few millimeters lenght, it is advisable to start using a beard balm. It is applied to the beard after oil, after which the beard is combed or brushed. This smoothes the beard and is the secret of every groomed beard.

Try M Room Beard Oil + M Room Beard Groomer, for example.
With these three easy steps, you’re sure to get the best out of your beard, as long as you let the bear grow and make taking care of it a routine. Later, if you want, you can complement your product range with, for example, mustache and beard waxes. You can use them to style your beard and mustache to the shape you want, or for example to even out small differences brought about by different growth directions in a long beard.

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