From Finnish Winter to Florida Sun

How does it feel to switch the Finnish winter into Florida sun? M Room offers its employees a chance to work abroad in our eight global locations, short term or indefinitely, so switching the climate is more than possible.

Viveka Lamberg moved from Finland to Naples, Florida in 2019. She grabbed her dog with her, and her husband will follow them once he gets his work permit.

Viveka, what has been challenging in moving abroad?

“I don´t have a car, and the distances are huge. You need to adjust to cultural differences. Coming here you need to do a lot of paperwork. I´m lucky because my employer helps.”

What has been positive?

”The warm weather 🙂 There are lots of services that make life easier. My employer loaned me a car first, and now I ride to work on my electric scooter, which is eco-friendly. You learn a lot about yourself and others when working abroad.”

Viveka sends greetings to Katja & team in Jyväskylä. “You are often on my mind.” She wants to thank her customers in Finland and in the USA. “To my Finnish customers, I hope you have found a great new barber to listen to your joys and sorrows.” To learn more about what M Room has to offer globally, (or switch the sun to snow ) check our career pages: