Ultimate Beard Care Guide (with videos)


Here you can find everything you need for successful beard care!
If you want to skip the text guide simply scroll to the bottom of this post and check out our video tutorials!

Keep it clean!

Ordinary Shampoos are not ideal for washing your beard since they may damage the rough texture of the beard by removing it’s natural oils. This can cause the beard and skin under to dry out, so pick nurturing Beard Shampoo that is designed for the job.
Trim regularly!

See a barber regularly to get the job done or invest in your own tools. Razor, trimming scissors and beard comb take you a long way!
Start by combing the beard in shape, shave the edges with razor and finish with trimming scissors.

Product guide!

Beard oil: The first product for a beard growing man to get to know. The ultimate purpose of beard oil is to be a leave-in conditioner that protects, nourishes and moisturizes both beard and the skin underneath. Oil gives the beard a younger and more groomed look by keeping all the singular sticking out hair in control.

Beard balm: Just like beard oils, also beard balms include variety of caring oils to keep the beard healthy and protected, but because of the balm’s thicker consistency it also has styling properties. While Beard oil’s main purpose is to protect the skin beneath, beard balm is specially designed to take care of facial hair itself. That is why beard balm is ideal for a slightly longer beard.

Beard wax is a styling product, not a conditioner. It commonly consists of ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax or coconut oil that provide firm hold and allow beard to maintain it’s style throughout the day. Beard balms and waxes are suitable for daily use for a more than a month old beard. Balm can be used as the only conditioner, but often it is good to be applied on top of beard oil, so that also the skin beneath receives maximum amount of conditioning. Balm is best applied on a dry beard.

Beard shampoo: Beard Shampoo is designed for cleansing thicker, shorter and coarser hair and the skin beneath. The main difference between a regular hair shampoo is that a beard shampoo is more moisturizing.

Mustache wax: 

When you are going for a sculpted stache or you are just sick of your mustache getting filthy when you eat, mustache wax is your solution.

Quick guide to using mustache wax:

1. Choose an appropriate wax – the wax can be hard or soft textured, perfumed or perfume free. The strength of the wax should be chosen according to the style in demand. Stronger waxes enable a classic gentleman’s style and lighter waxes are just for keeping the mustache in line.

2. Warm the wax – be sure that the wax tin is about hand warm. Warm wax is easier to get out of the tin and to mold.

3. Scrape the wax off the tin – Scrape off a small, pea size ball out of the tin. Roll the wax between your fingertips until its warm.

4. Apply the wax – start working from the center and apply wax towards the tips of the mustache. Apply the wax evenly from root to tip. Use a comb if you wish to separate the hair from each other.

5. Style – evenly distributed wax enables you to create the style of your demand