5 Beard Style Trends for 2017

We can’t predict the future.
But Jeff from BeardBrand might have some ideas of what’s up this winter. Today he’s talking about five beard styles that he believes are going to be hot this holiday season.

To summarize:
1. Stubble. Just a week or so of growth, not designer stubble made popular by George Michael.

2. Rugged stubble. Around two to three weeks of growth kept clean with a short beard trimmer setting.

3. Casual ‘stache. It’s not quite a beardstache, but close. Take the mustache down a bit and keep the stubble.

4. Basic beard. It’s about a month of growth, and isn’t trimmed or shaped. Very natural and easy.

5. Short beard. It’s similar to a minimalist beard, but it’s a balance between a full beard and a minimal beard. It’s long enough to grab and work with, bit it’s short enough to look tight and clean.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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