” Hi, I’m *your name here*
How’s it going?
Seriously, that’s it.

Cause your “pick up line” doesn’t matter.
Simply because it’s not the things you say, but your confidence and the “vibe” you’re sending.
So develop a killer confidence, sense of humor and stop over thinking.

This is the simple secret why some people are better at approaching people and even “creating” attraction:
They don’t care about the outcome – they’re just doing their thing.

Some tips to get you started:

1. Yes, it makes a difference:

to look, smell and feel as good as you possibly can –
so hit that gym, fix your diet, get some fitting clothes and be well groomed.

You do not have look like a model to be successful in the social / dating game.
Look up “celebrities before pictures” and you can notice that many celebrities are actually pretty average looking – and still, they appear handsome as hell. This is simply because they make an effort every single day to look their best, and they’ve developed this super confidence…you can have that as well.

2. Practice makes permanent:

When you’re out in public, start little conversations with people.
Say, and talk about things you actually like to talk about – soon enough you’ll notice that people listen and pay attention to you.
It’s really THAT simple…oh and don’t ever act like a jerk, there are smarter ways to show off your confidence.

3. If you’re shy, use that to your advantage:

Start personal chats in situations where there are only two or three people in the room:
Introduce yourself, ask how it’s going and you can even confess you’re not very good at small talk,
and that you’re in fact not the most social person in the world.

Trust me: people will relate to that!
…and those people you “let in” feel like they got access to a person that is usually more private – and that’s always interesting.

4. When you’re looking to come across more than a friend:

Okay, so you got the confidence, you made sure you look sharp enough and you’re not afraid to start chatting.
This is a simple way to “create” the right kind of tension:

– Add teasing and flirting elements to your conversation.

It’s actually really simple:

After you’ve been talking a while with this new person and you feel like you’re not total strangers anymore;
joke, tease or make just a little bit fun about them or the topic the person is talking about – this boldness differentiates you from someone who’s just trying to be nice – but remember to smirk and make it obvious you’re joking.

This works only if you have absolutely 100% confidence in yourself.

Hopefully they answers you back with a similar teasing manner – and now you have created that good kind of tension.

You most likely do this kind of joking with your good friends already  –
it’s weirdly enough the same kind of thing you have to learn to do with the person you want to flirt with.

To sum up:

What makes the real difference in approaching people and creating attraction, it’s not the first thing you say:
but the skill to trust in yourself 100%,
learning to small talk,
looking as presentable as you can,
embracing your character and not giving a ****