Got a beard? Thinking of growing one?
Here are few inspiring facts behind beard styles and history!
Fact No. 01.

Early humans used beards for warmth and intimidation.
Beard protected prehistoric man’s face from sand, dirt, the sun and many other different elements.

Fact No. 02.

Trough the history hairy face have been used to show masculinity, royalty, fashion, and status.

Fact No. 03.

Vikings are very well known for their exceptional beardery. Vikings used wax to curl parts of their mustache upwards to blend with their sideburns, and some had long braided beards.

Fact No. 04.

Egyptians royalty used a false beard that was made of metal. This false beard was held onto the face by a ribbon that was tied over their heads. This practice was down by both kings and queens.

Fact N0. 05.

Mesopotamian civilizations took great care of their beards. They would use products like beard oil to keep their beards looking healthy. They would also fashion their beards using ancient curling irons and make ringlets, frizzles, and tiered effects. The Assyrians dyed their beards black, and the Persians died theirs a orange-red color.

Fact No. 06.

During ancient times, in Greece, beards were cut only as a punishment. Alexander the Great from Macedonia decreed that soldiers couldn’t have beards. He was afraid that opposing soldiers would grab on to the Grecians’ beards and use it against them while in battle.

Fact No. 07.

Ancient Romans preferred their beads to be trimmed and well groomed. Group of Greek Sicilian barbers traveled from Sicily unto main land Italy. They set up barber shops that were situated on the mains streets of Rome. Eventually shaving started to become the trend in ancient Rome. Philosophers kept their beards regardless of the trend.

Fact No. 08.

Anglo-Saxons wore beards until the advent of Christianity in the 7th century. Once Christianity came around the clergy were required by law to shave.

Fact No. 09.

In the early 1600s, a painter named Sir Anthony Vandyke began to paint many aristocrats with pointed beards. This style of beard was called the Vandyke.


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